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New Web Site

All change, and plans are on-going.

A.G.M. 2022 UPDATE

The 2022 A.G.M. & Garden Weekend is still planned for June 2022.

Barnsdale Gardens being the visit.


Members can send in photos of their garden,
and what they are growing.  To see:


To submit yours, contact Jean Roscoe.
The Group's Contact Co-ordinator.


At the moment, following current Government advice, R.H.S. gardens are open, but group visits and some facilities are stopped until later in the year.   Shows in the first have of the season, have been stopped.
The R.H.S. have an official statement on their homepage, which explains more.

We have been sent by the R.H.S. some information for e-talks.
You can visit the R.H.S. Events page or > CLICK HERE <


Please be aware, we are working on a new website, and what you see here is changing.   If you can't find something, feel free to get in touch.   After the latest updates and changes, the current website will no longer be updated.   If you have updates, they will be added to the new site from now.


There is still time to buy that special someone, a special something.

For either or both of these items, please send a cheque for the correct ammount, along with your names and address to our Administrator.

COASTERS : £5:00 (Including U.K. Mainland P&P)

Welcome to The Cottage Garden Society

   If you are interested in plants, or enjoy exchanging gardening ideas and experiences with fellow gardeners, why not join The Cottage Garden Society?

   You don't have to live in a cottage, or even in the country.  Cottage gardens can be created in the small plots of modern houses or in the narrow gardens of older terraces.  The traditional, informal style lends itself to any situation, rural or urban, large or small.

Shows 2021

Please note: Information on the respective websites will change as the situation changes.

If a link fails to connect, then the owners will have removed all information for some reason.    Broken links should be reported directly to the email at the bottom of this page.

Malvern can be seen >HERE<

G.W.L. can be seen >HERE<

Chatsworth can be seen >HERE<

Tatton can be seen >HERE<

Shrewsbury can be seen >HERE<


To help at any of our shows, please visit our EVENTS page.


- A L E R T -

As some might know, there is a horrendous problem with Box Tree Moth (Cydalima Perspectalis) at the moment, and it's only getting worse.   A search of the R.H.S. site will give more information, and we'll be adding a pest and disease section.

Group Updates

Is your group's page up to date?

What is a Cottage Garden?

   Originally, the purpose of the cottage garden was to provide food.  It contained livestock, herbs, fruits and vegetables.  Flowers were an optional extra and tended to be ones that had some practical value, such as seasoning food or repelling bugs.  The cottager's small plot did not allow for any wasted space, so the garden was abundantly packed, but well tended.

   The cottage garden later moved away from being an utilitarian space and became an area to be enjoyed.  These days, food-crops and chicken-keeping are returning and environmental concerns are being incorporated by the conscientious cottage gardener.

   Although there are no hard and fast rules as to what should be grown, the hallmarks of this style are informality, abundance and diversity.  That means lots of colour, scent, bees, birds and butterflies, not to mention fruit, herbs, vegetables, frogs and hedgehogs!

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photographic competition


    The Cottage Garden Society's Photographic Competition runs from December to April, and is advertised in our magazine.   For rules & contact details, please see our Magazine for everything you need to know.    Help and advice is also available on the site.   Additional help will be given by contacting the email for entries.

    Submission by post (shop made prints ONLY)
and email to the address given in the magazine.

Next Competition runs:

Dec 1st 2020 to Apr 16th 2021

May be extended if similar Global problems occur

More info click > HERE <

STATUS: * * * * C L O S E D * * * *

Seasonal Recipes

Our Cottage Garden Recipes booklet will give you lots of ideas for cooking up all the wonderful seasonal fruit and vegetables from your garden.Why not order a copy? Meanwhile you can click here for the recipe for Tabbouleh with Ramsoms, and here for a delicious recipe for Rhubarb & Orange MeringueThese recipes, like all those in our booklet, have been sent in by CGS members.


   Members of The Cottage Garden Society who have not joined online can log into the website using the log in box to the bottom left of this announcement.

In the field marked "USERNAME" please type your surname including any capital letters.

In the field marked "PASSWORD" please type in your postcode including any spaces.

Then click on the button marked "log in".

   Once you have done this, please update your details with a valid email.   This email address will act as your username from now on.    Also, please type in a new password and verify it.

   When you have done this, please click "update details".   You are then welcome to buy Cottage Garden Society products or amend your details or even renew your membership online using our new PayPal system.

NOTE: At present there is no need to log in unless you want to buy products or renew your membership using PayPal.  The members area will eventually grow to include a chat area and other items exclusive to our members.   Work to expand the members area will include sugested items.   If you would like to see something added for members, like a special downloads section, then send an email to any committee member.




EVENTS - AGMs plus

The 2020 Garden Weekend and AGM

  June 7th 2020

Applications for the 2020 A.G.M. &
Garden Weekend will be taken from
the March\Spring 2020 Magazine.


 More information can be found  >HERE<

Including photographs of previous A.G.M. & Garden Weekends.


For Membership leaflets, download both parts.  Print one page, then turn paper over and print the second.  Can be printed in batches or singly.    A NEW version for home printing will be online soon.

  • Membership Leaflet Page 1 : Click HERE
  • Membership Leaflet Page 2 : Click HERE
  • Click HERE to download a CGS poster to advertise the Society at your events.
  • Click HERE to download membership forms to hand out at your event.


See what else we do, and how you can get more from your membership.

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